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Carbohydrate remains one of the most accessible and widely consumed foods in Nigeria. Thank God for cassava and its produce. However, while glucose is the end-product of carbohydrate, swallow seems to be the starting-product of carbohydrate in Nigeria. Swallow is a Nigerian term for starchy solids made from cassava or manioc plants. It usually goes with most Nigerian soups when molded into small balls flexible enough to be swallowed. It includes eba, fufu, semovita, amala, wheat, pounded yam etc. Often many people believe that “swallows” like fufu and pounded yam are a 12hrs sustainable meal. Some think swallow is a heavy meal and not appropriate for the weights losers. Either way, swallow has come to stay in most Nigeria homes as life saver meal, less expensive compared to some intercontinental dishes and sustainable.

That said, what now becomes the most suitable soup for each type of swallow? While you are thinking, it is important to note that no one soup is dedicated for any swallow, as every individual has his or her taste when it comes to soups and swallow. For instance, people from the Eastern part of Nigeria might prefer taking fufu with Oha soup or bitter leaf soup; while somebody from the Western part of the country might prefer fufu with eferiro soup or vegetable soup. The bottom line is palatability and choice.

@ we offer and deliver different kinds of Nigerian soups that will go with the swallow of your choice. Freshly made with carefully selected ingredients. Now tell us which soup you will prefer to go with your choice of swallow. Kindly follow us on our social media handles for kitchen updates, posts, and interactive discussions. Facebook – @soupfactoryng, Twitter – @soupfactoryng, and Instagram – @soupfactoryng.




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